January always seems to bring with it a renewed interest in working out. Many opt to go to the gym for this. Although exercising is good for us, is the gym always the healthiest place to be? How can we make sure of this? Its good to consider the following points:

If we reflect on the types of conditions bacteria need to flourish, such as moisture, heat and little or no sunshine, it’s clear to see that a gym has optimum conditions for the bacteria to grow. Were you aware that one study found there to be far more bacteria on gym equipment, than what is usually found on a toilet seat. With this unpleasant fact in mind then, how can we can protect ourselves while working out?

We encounter the majority of germs by touching them with our hands. So, one of the best ways to protect ourselves is to make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after exercising. Avoid spreading germs by not touching your face.

Maybe you are a person who likes to go barefoot. But, there are numerous communicable conditions that you could contract from not wearing shoes in an environment like this. Wear flip flops is areas like the changing room, sauna or steam room etc.

We know that the towels we use at the gym have been washed, but did you know that rules for washing towels at a gym are not as strict as those of a hospital for example? If you are worried about this, then it is best to take your own towels with you. That way, you are ensuring they have only your own germs on them. Take more than one with you, one to use for sitting on when using equipment, a sauna, and separate one for wiping yourself down.

Although these are just some small reminders, keeping as healthy as you can during these winter and flu season months is very important. Do you have an at home gym? If you would like advice on safety in the home, please feel free to contact us