Whether we live in a hot or cold climate, the need to keep a home as energy efficient as possible is the same. What about if you live in a old historical home? Is there any relatively easy steps you can take to be more energy efficient?

Here are some of the retrofits usually used in old homes

Insulation is one thing that can greatly improve energy conservation. The easiest thing is to insulate the attic space. Insulating crawlspaces is also something that can be done, although it is a lot harder to do than the attic.

As anyone whose lived in an old home knows, they can be extremely drafty. Weather-stripping can be used to seal up gaps and joints. Make sure to choose colors that are in keeping with the age of the building.

Windows can be one of the major culprits when it comes to drafts. Maybe instead of replacing the beautiful historic windows, you can add storm windows. These are a good option, as they will not disrupt the homes structure. If they are placed on the exterior of the building, they can be painted to fit in with the rest of it. A storm door can also be added if the climate is very cold.

Another good way to reduce energy costs is to replace the old appliances with new ENERGY STAR rated appliances. Replacing bulbs with CFL bulbs will also help.

Make sure that you choose the right way to retrofit your beautiful old home.