Fire-prevention steps are very important to a safe home and peace of mind. This is especially true when thinking about all of the fire-related disasters that we have seen recently.

One simple but very effective step to making a home fire-safe is ensuring that there are firestops installed and in good condition within the firewalls in our home. Firewalls in the home are walls built and designed to diminish or contain a fire with our house. These firewalls are vital, but they can be significantly less effective if holes are made in order to run pipes or cables through these firewalls. In these cases, firestops are the step to fill in these holes and openings.

Various materials can be used to fill in these openings, firestop masonry, sheet metal, and fire-resistant drywall, among other things. To help us ensure these firestops are in suitable condition and even installed at all some reminders and helpful tips can aid our inspection. While inspecting your house the fire safety is an aspect we would want to check, and we would want to ensure that the firestops are even installed in the firewalls where necessary.

We would also want to know if any work has been done to pipes or cables, in this case, it could be in or around a firewall and the tradesmen may have removed some of the firestop material without replacing it. On other occasion, firestops have been installed but not to a suitable standard. These are all things to keep in mind when thinking about fire safety in your home.